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The Lazarus Endeavor

The Lazarus Endeavor:

A Basic Introduction for those Considering Church Revitalization and Renewal

In this edition of GOBA’s E-magazine, I want to provide you and your church with a basic introduction for considering church revitalization and renewal. Your association has helped and is helping many churches across central Florida and wants to provide you some basic information regarding the need for revitalization and renewal.

Do you remember the popular breakfast cereal of your childhood? It may not sound all that mature hearing that your Executive Director and missionary strategist loves the sound of the Kellogg cereal Rice Krispy’s. But it has an amazing sound and one that if you listen carefully, actually fits the promotional plan behind the popular cereal. It was popularized by three gnomic elves designed by Vernon Grant the illustrator in the 1930’s.

The names are onomatopoeia and originated from the radio ad promoting the product. Onomatopoeia is a word that phonetically imitates or suggests the source of the sound that it describes. The first character appeared on the product's packaging in 1933. Grant then added two more and named the threesome Snap, Crackle and Pop. Snap is always portrayed with a baker's hat, Pop with the military cap of a marching bandleader and Crackle's red or striped stocking cap leaves his occupation ambiguous. Corporate promotional material describes their personalities as resembling brothers. Snap is the oldest and a problem solver, Crackle is an unsure "middle child" and Pop is a mischievous youngster. Churches today need a little of the old-fashioned snap, crackle, and pop to get them going again.

Here in central Florida we have 34 churches in GOBA, which are currently in a state of plateau neither

 growing nor declining. Additionally we have 30 other churches that are facing either rapid decline or have been in a state of decline for many years now. A bit of good news is that we have 84 churches that are experiencing growth at this point in time. The others are, not at this point in time, able to be determined if they are healthy or facing a plateau. If you are not acquainted with our Church Revitalization Assistance Team here in our association, we invite you to inquirer more about it from our website or the office.

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