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Digital Location Leads To Physical Location

Here's an overview of a digital discipleship strategy. A strategy is a plan of action designed to achieve an overall goal. In digital discipleship, you don't want to rely on a "hope and pray" approach. 

If you don't have an strategy you're not going to be successful in accomplishing your goal.

Who Are We - Digital Discipleship Strategy

The foundation of a digital discipleship strategy starts with answering the question, "Who Are We?" A church or ministry has to have a very clear understanding of this answer because it lays the groundwork for every other component of their digital discipleship strategy or model. 

The Importance Of Third Places On Social Media and Digital Discipleship

It's important to have third places on social media and digital discipleship. The "third place" concept comes from the missional church community. Third places are those locations in your community where people hang out and interact with others. Examples: bowling alley, a park, the beach, a bar, the mall, to 

Day 1 YouTube And Digital Discipleship - Your Target Audience

Day one of optimizing your YouTube channel for digital discipleship focuses on your target audience. Many churches make the mistake of trying to reach a broad audience on YouTube and strike out. 

Discover the strategy you should be using to use YouTube for discipleship.

Day 2 YouTube And Digital Discipleship - Your Value Proposition

On Day 2 of YouTube and digital discipleship we talk about the importance of crafting your value proposition statement. This needs to be a clear, focused statement and it's used to help find your target audience and as a guide to making your videos.