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Renovate One Day Trainings

Ministers need to keep on the cutting edge and with the decline we are facing in the church throughout North America, never has the need been greater for church leaders to be equipped in ways to bring about renewal to the local church.

Join us on the third Thursday of each month at WaterStone Church for our Renovate One Day Training Events. We meet from 8:30 AM – 11:55 AM. The first half hour is a time for you to ask individual questions relating to the work of your church ministry. Then at 9 Tom Cheyney & Ron Smith will start their presentations.

Afterwards we go out for a fun time of fellowship at a nearby restaurant. Both the training and the fellowship are vital to you as a pastor leader.

Mark your calendar now for every 3rd Thursday
 WaterStone Church
 900 North Street
 Longwood, FL 32750
 8:30 - 11:55 AM.

Make the time and take the time to begin your journey towards leading your church to even greater levels as you learn how to keep your church growing and advancing for the cause of Christ. We look forward to seeing you in these upcoming events and would be thrilled to learn of your individual commitment to grow towards the advancement of your church.

Stumbling Blocks to Church Change

Just like there are essential building blocks to church revitalization, there are also many stumbling blocks to church revitalization. It is, granted, much easier to discover the stumbling blocks than it is to unearth the lasting building blocks. In this article, we will deal with the former. Click here for the rest of the article.

Practical Steps for Leading the Church off the Plateau

Train staff and laity, Keep vision casting, Pep up the music just a little, Keep growing the prayer partner ministry, Help new members fit in, create new ministries that will facilitate growth, Preach & Teach on what it takes to be a healthy growing church, change the perception that everyone is a minister at this growing church. For more click here.

Things to be Relinquished in Church Revitalization

The need for revitalization often begins with the first item that needs to be relinquished within the church and that is who is leading the revitalization effort! Most if not all successful revitalization efforts are lead by a single solitary leader directing the cause. It might be the pastor who has heard from God and has been renewed or it might be a new leader whom God raises up to assist the church.

For more information Download this presentation.

America and the Need for Church Revitalization

America and the Need for Church Revitalization:

The estimated population of the United States and Canada was over 341 million in November 2009. Of these, an estimated 255 million are considered unsaved. This means that nearly 75 percent of the North American population is without a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. These are conservative estimates. More on this, click here.

Can Old Churches Reach New People:

The answer is yes but not necessarily by the same ways that produced the old church. Many old churches should consider making changes to revitalize, reinvigorate and renew those churches, while at the same time, helping them reach new people and peoples. Read more.

Better Preaching Update

What is your next sermon series?

  • Ideas for your upcoming series
  • Fresh New Power Point Designs
  • Great illustrations and stories
  • Free sermon outlines
  • Free Bible outlines
  • Much more

Read more here~

GOBA Church Revitalization

GOBA Church Revitalization


The Greater Orlando Baptist Association developed a new ministry team across our association to see new churches planted and existing churches revitalized.  It is the Church Revitalization Assistance Team. The purpose of this ministry team, is to assist our churches that are in need of help with various areas of church revitalization. If you and your church would like to schedule a time with our Executive Director of Missions to discuss renewal or revitalization you may do so by contacting the association at: We have a huge goal of revitalizing 75 churches within the next fifteen years.

If you are interested in serving on the Church Revitalization Assistance Team, you may contact Dr. Cheyney our EDOM at and he will be glad to share with you ways to be part of this vital team of leaders to help our plateauing churches. We are in need of leaders from all walks of ministry such as: Outreach, Pastoral, Education, Youth, and Singles.

North America has 340,000 churches currently that are in plateau or decline. Like any other ministry area around our country, we have churches that are in need of assistance with church revitalization and renewal. Ed Stetzer, author of Viral Churches, states, “Among churches of all sizes, growing churches are rare! In fact, they only make up about 20 percent of our churches today. The other 80 percent have reached a plateau or are in decline.”

While we have many healthy and growing churches, we still must work to embrace our churches that are in need of renewed health and evangelistic vitality. Did you know that 80 percent of fast-growing churches put at least 10 percent of their budget towards outreach and evangelism?

Planting new churches and revitalizing existing ones is not a choice we must make between two ideals. Rather it is a choice we must make to fulfill two ideals. On the one hand, if you are interested in leading a church revitalization movement from an established church, then help your people see the possibilities that lie ahead. A word of encouragement here is do not be surprised to see the revitalization of the established church as you participate in mission activities and challenge your people to give sacrificially towards mission causes such as Church Revitalization through the Greater Orlando Baptist Association. 

Strengthening Existing Churches

GOBA Church Development offers to network, equip, assist, and resource GOBA leaders and churches in: Church Music, Discipleship, Pastoral Ministries, Student Ministry, Senior Adult Ministry, Sunday School, Disaster Relief, Chaplaincy, and Leadership Development, so that they may become healthy, growing and reproducing churches.

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Revitalization Resources

Lessons learned from setting scaffolding that relates towards principles of Church Revitalization: - Are You Building Scaffolding or Foundations in Church.ppt

Bamb Bamb Kicking It Up a Notch!.ppt  - Why Boldness is Necessary in Revitalization

The Seven Pillars of Church Revitalization

Seven Pillars of Church RevitalizationThe need for Church Revitalization has never been greater in North America! An estimated 177,000 Protestant churches in America have an average attendance of less than 100 hundred.[i] Research data tells us that in the United States more than 80% of the churches have pleateaued or are declining.[ii] Each and every week we are currently seeing somewhere between fifty and seventy-five local churches closing their doors and not opening them again. Everything that must be done in the area of church revitalization cannot be accomplished in a few hours on the Lord’s Day! In North America there are 3000 – 4000 churches started yearly. At the same time there are 7000 – 8000 churches closing their door annually. Something must be done! 

The Seven Pillars of Church Revitalization PowerPoint