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2020 GOAL Leadership Trainingf

The purpose of Great Orlando Adventures in Leadership (G.O.A.L.) is to develop leaders who reproduce leaders by encouraging development in the following areas:

The leader's personal life
The leader’s relational style
The leader’s ability to build an effective team

The leader’s ability to lead organizationally

Our vision is that every church will do such a good job of developing and multiplying leaders that each church will be able to start new churches and to revitalize struggling churches. 

This is done through Greater Orlando Adventures in Leadership (GOAL), and through other appropriate seminar and conference venues. Our participants are asked to invest a minimum of two years of personal ministry development and growth in leadership development through the Greater Orlando Baptist Association.

Have you ever witnessed a weak-declining work, which was teetering on the threshold of disbandment?  A new leader arrives and suddenly everything begins to change dramatically. Perhaps you have been part of such an experience.You may have had little hope for the survival of the organization. Then along came a leader who rallied God’s people into action. To many other's astonishment, a different church was being rebirthed. Results that previous leaders had failed to achieve in ten years were now being accomplished through the new leader in a matter of months.

What was the difference? Were not the same people involved? How did a work, which previously languished under one leader flourish under another? Quickly you realize that the difference had little to do with the problems, issues, or limitations of the work. It had everything to do with learning how to be a good leader and providing leadership for the church.

Participation in the Greater Orlando Adventures in Leadership will inspire you to give your best efforts to the people you lead and love. The simple and powerful learning will help you build even greater leadership in the many areas of your ministry. Learn how to build momentum for the cause of Christ, while becoming a more insightful and strategic leader. Stretch in order to become the real leader God has planned you to be.

If you are interested in learning how to become a better leader through the Greater Orlando Adventures in Leadership please give us a call at 407-293-0450, and we will be glad to work with you to help you register in the next round of leadership development through G.O.A.L. and the Greater Orlando Baptist Association. Please contact us at:

Effective Leadership Series

The Effective Leadership Series is a comprehensive leadership development system that is uniquely designed to be part of a coaching relationship.  Help others sharpen their leadership saw using skill builders, inventories and storyboards to guide their development so that those you coach can build high-performance teams.  Flexible, online and downloadable resources are available in real time.

DISC Biblical Behavioral Assessment

The DISC Biblical Behavioral Assessment (BBA) is an online assessment that will help you uncover your behavioral style.

Upon completing the assessment, you will receive a detailed report with insights and ideas to help you better understand your unique strengths and challenges as a leader. You will also learn about people from the Bible who demonstrated similar behavioral characteristics, including Jesus who modeled every behavioral trait to perfection.

The BBA is based on the popular and practical DISC model of human behavior. DISC isthe most widely used behavioral model in the world, and has helped millions of people improve communication, productivity, team building and leadership, as well as their relationships within the workplace and home. Click here to take the DISC Biblical Behavioral Assessment.