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Available Tools for Member Churches

Resources for GOBA Member Churches

• Banner machine ($4 per square foot)
 • DVD reproduction machine and jewel case covers
 • Tents for block parties and other church activities
 • Van and/or trailer to take on trips
 • 32" laminating machine
 • Color copy machine up to 11X17 paper
 • Welcome flags for special events
 • Full MP3 & MP4 recording capabilities
 • Video recording & production
 • Two portable sound systems
 • Low-cost church websites with unlimited storage
 • A Frame street signs
 • 4X8 banner sign frames
 • Orange resin chairs
 • Customized brochures & booklets
 • Customized leadership development & training events
 • Pastor search committee training
 • One-day church discovery retreats

For more information, Click here to send us an email or call us at 407.293.0450

GOBA seeks to provide worshipers access to resources that strengthen the life of the church in the pursuit of the Kingdom!

Bridging the Gap Through Assistance
Churches who are in the transitional time of seeking new pastoral leadership will find resources to assist in bridging the gap from present to future. Contact the association office and speak with Dr. Cheyney’s administrative assistant for information regarding Pastoral Search Committee Training. Click here to Email GOBA.

Interim and Supply Resources 
Pastors that need a guest preacher for one Sunday or churches that need an interim pastor for a longer period of time will find a directory of individuals who are available to serve in these capacities. Ministers of Worship and musicians, when available, are also listed. Contact the association office and speak with Dr. Cheyney’s administrative assistant for information regarding your churches individual needs. Click here to Email GOBA.

 • Guidestone Financial Resources: Providing retirement, relief, insurance and investment information to meet the needs of active and retired Southern Baptist church and denominational employees, missionaries, churches and organizations

Bible Study Tools
 • Audio Scriptures:Audio Scriptures International provides resources for purchase as well as free productions in numerous languages. You can hear examples while online using RealAudio
 • Baptistway Literature: Bible Study materials for adults and children are published by Baptistway Press, affiliated with the Baptist General Convention of Texas. Much adult material is available on-line in English, Spanish, Korean, Chinese, Laotian, and Vietnamese.
 • Discipleship Journal: The familiar magazine is now available online.
 • LifeWay's Bible Reference Library: Provides translation comparisons, reference dictionaries and tools for word study, allowing those without Greek or Hebrew training to understand the roots of words and subtle differences between the original language and the English language.
 • NavPress Periodicals: Offering a variety a resources for bible study and discipleship for purchase 

Resource Providers
Churchsmart: Christian books, videos, tapes, etc. for sale online
 • Lifeway: Resources for bible study, music, camps, church supplies, VBS, and more
 • NavPress: A variety of resources available for bible study, small groups, and discipleship for purchase.

Worship Tools
 • Christian Copyright Licensing International: Info on how to obtain copyright licensing for more than 78,000 pieces of music

 • Creative Lifestyles: Software provider with a large library of songs with copyright permission granted, as well as five (more coming) versions of the Bible, which can be quickly accessed on-the-fly. Special feature: Allows for editing in real time out of view of the audience.
 • Fowler, Inc.: Resource for multi-media projectors at reasonable prices.
 • Ginghamsburg Church: This site could go under several categories -- leadership dev't, lay mobilization, and research. But we'll put it here for now since this congregation has taken the lead in the use of media in worship and education.
 • Lillenas Publishing Company: They handle books of plays, single plays and many are royalty-free. Includes some how-to books.
 • Music & Missions: Somebody has done a ton of work to gather not only a list of mission music, but provide links to audio clips, lyrics, cord charts, and purchasing information! About 100 contemporary songs about missions, 40 mission hymns, 10 mission lyrics set to familiar hymn tunes, and another dozen familiar choruses with lyrics translated into other languages. This is a must-see for music for your next mission conference!