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Why Church Planting in Florida?

Did you know that over 100 million people visit Florida each year from all over the world? Think about that - 95 million people! Just one visitor who hears the gospel can impact an entire country or region. Florida is home to almost 20 million locals. Only 14% of the state's population is considered to be churched. Florida represents a great need and a great opportunity.  


The great need is to reach this growing state that is home to 3.8 million immigrant people. The great opportunity is to reach the entire world from Florida! People from every nation on earth visit the Sunshine State for business and pleasure. More than 1 million Florida residents work in the tourism industry - many of them have direct contact with international visitors.  

We need to plant more multiplying churches in Florida that make disciples who openly share their faith in Christ in the workplace. Our goal is to see 1 evangelical church for every 1,000 people in metropolitan areas and 1 church for every 500 people in rural areas. Missiologists tell us that this is what is needed so that every man, woman and child in Florida will have the opportunity to respond to the gospel. We need 1,825 multiplying churches in Florida today, just to catch up with decades of population growth. But it doesn't stop there. We want to see every believer in Christ sharing their faith with neighbors and visitors. We want to see new believers being discipled in the context of local churches. We want to see churches developing leaders who will be sent to start more churches. We believe that by reaching Florida with the gospel, we can reach the world.  

Here is how you can help: 

  1. Pray for workers for the "harvest" (Matthew 9:38)
  2. Help us train 1,825 church planters who will start multiplying churches in Florida with an emphasis on reaching the world.
  3. Consider financially supporting church planting in Florida by giving online

There is 1 SBC church for every 6,401 people in Florida.  Last year, 59 million people visited the Orlando area alone. When we reach Florida, we can reach the world. 

86% of Floridians are Unchurched

Have you heard that statistic before?  You usually hear or read that about 40% of Americans are connected to (attend) a church on a regular basis, but the estimate may be skewed by the "halo effect". However church attendance research that is based on actual head counts tells a different story. According to this research, approximately 86% of the people living in Florida are un-churched, compared to 23% for the rest of the southern United States. 

See also How Many Americans Attend Worship Each Week? An Alternative Approach to Measurement.

This means that there is a huge need for more churches in Florida. New churches are needed that speak the new language of the new Florida culture.  In the past 10 years, over 600,000 people have migrated to Florida from New York

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