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When the Towels Wear Out

What Others Say ... "Though Paul and Beverly had a wonderful two-year courtship, they found that they were not prepared to make their marriage one of true harmony until they applied the principles of God's Word to their relationship. When the Towels Wear Out is the story of their journey to marital harmony." Johnny Hunt, Pastor, First Baptist Church of Woodstock, GA and former President of the Southern Baptist Convention "Paul Gordon's book is a treasure chest of ways to experience God's best in marriage through his honest, often humorous personal experiences and wise, practical observations."  Click here to purchase.

Are You Ready to Challenge the Norm?

Also, our FREE resources for churches will be available by the end of next month. As you will see on our site, we have a number of resources that churches can use and benefit from to coincide with the book through our Rethink Life Experiment. It is a church wide campaign for churches. It is our prayer that churches will take full advantage of these resources that have proven to be very impactful here at our own church.

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Most of us approach life based upon childhood influences or what popular culture says is normal. When we understand the eternal purpose and role God has for our lives, it changes everything. In this book, authors Rodney and Michelle Gage will challenge you to reTHINK life from God’s perspective by looking at seven key areas of life.

Rodney and Michelle are the founders of Fellowship Church in Orlando Florida. Before starting the church in 2001, Rodney traveled across America speaking in churches, schools and conferences as a sought after youth speaker. Michelle, a former Miss Oklahoma contestant and vocalist has used her talents to influence people of all ages. Today, Michelle uses her platform to inspire women and girls to live different than the norm through her “reThink Pink” Conferences. Rodney is a graduate of Liberty University and Southwestern Seminary and Michelle is a graduate of Oklahoma Baptist University. Rodney and Michelle have three children and live in Orlando, Florida.

The Other 80 Percent

The Other 80 Percent: Turning Your Church's Spectators Into Active Participants    

The Other 80 Percent: Turning Your Church's Spectators into Active Participants goes on to describe the characteristics of the committed 20 percent and the characteristics of the less-committed 80 percent. Because the causes of non-involvement are complex and differ from church to church, the authors advocate creating a listening team to listen to the 80 percent and a learning team to learn from them. They then suggest a range of ways, starting with prayer, in which you can seek to address the problems and reach towards spiritual maturity for 100 percent of your congregation.

Click on the link for download The_other_80_percent_book.docx